Amal Alo

Centre For Art And Excellence

Ashoknagar Nattamukh started their theatrical productions from the year 2000. It was registered in 2004. From the very beginning we have focused not only in theater productions but also in continuous publishing of journals, arranging workshops, seminars and theatre festivals at various levels - district to national. Our theatre festival Khola Hawa is now recognized by many stalwarts of this country.

To enrich this journey further towards a more regular, systematic and multidisciplinary fashion, we have constituted Amal Alo, our own space and center of excellence for all kinds of cultural activities. It would include proper teaching on theatre as well as dance, singing, painting, makeup, photography and mime. The instructors would be from various disciplines, either members of Ashoknagar Nattamukh repertory or visiting experts from various places of India.

This space is entirely a product of our hard work and determination. We have not yet acquired any government funding for this project. The venue has front and back curtains, cyclorama, movable wings (4 in nos.), 22 feet openings, 14 feet depth, 12 feet height, 25 sources of light, different room for projection, makeup and guests and 70 seats for viewers.

We are very grateful to Samir Aich to have lovingly designed the logo for Amal Alo.

Amal Alo Gallery


Eminent Thespians Speak on Amal Alo

Shyamal Chakraborty on Amal Alo

Samrat Mukhopadhyay on Amal Alo

Mime performance by Bidyut Dutta

Sudip Mukjerjee on Amal Alo

Bhargonath Bhattacharya on Amal Alo

Sekhar Dasgupta & Nandita Dasgupta on Amal Alo

Sanjib Sarkar on Amal Alo

Manish Mitra & Sima Ghosh on Amal Alo

Three Eminent Critics on Amal Alo