Ami Anukul Da Ar Ora

Ami Anukul Da Ar Ora

Director's Note

When Brattya Basu was first narrating the play 'Me, Anukul Da Ar Ora', I saw with my eyes closed this part of the prayer of Charles Maroovitz. As if the letters were all flying, as if wings have sprouted in them! I'm going to catch up with those words that are going on. But everytime I fall over and this incident is getting repeated over and over again... I understand that we are getting caught up in this mysterious game of words and I'm going to get involved again. Again a play will be made where the real and surreal sits at the table with locked hands and at the same moment laughs while sipping the hot black tea. Fox have holes to bury into, birds have nests but what does humans have! They have the journey ... the journey from one theater to another. When searching for this path, while going to light the two lines, while understanding the two senses of the character suddenly the text of the drama turns into a performance.

Is the drama just a performance? Or is it digging within ones own self... to find the little ray of sunshine and to grasp at that little hope within the coffin of the dead. I have actually tried to walk to this little ray of sunshine with all the actors and the artists... this journey is our pilgrimage.

Cast & Crew

Playwright: Bratya Basu
Direction: Avi Chakraborty
Light Design: Sudip Sanyal
Set Design:Saumik Chakraborty
Music & Background Score: Dishari
Makeup: Aloke Debnath
Calligraphy: Avik Debnath
Visualography - Tamal Mukherjee
Set Management: Adrish Kumar Rai
Music Execution: Soumya Mukherjee
Costume: Shyamal Biswas
Mime: Jagadish Gharami
Production Control: Asim Das
Assistant Direction: Arup Goswami & Joy Chakraborty
On Stage: Sangita Chakraborty/Diptoshi Saha, Subhojit De/Sanjib Bakshi, Rishav Basu, Sumanta Roy/Anupam Chanda, Avhipsha Ghosh/Monomita Chaudhury & Sandipan Chatterjee