About the Play

After the war at Kurukhshetra, Gandhari, along with Dhritarashtra, Kunti and Bidur set out for Banaprashtha. One day, Gandhari, who took the decision to blindfold herself after her marriage suddenly rose from her slumber, to found herself all alone in the forest. In solitude, she stands in front of the bygone war and deaths caused through it - something which she had all along tried to escape from. She is depressed and tired of all these realities. Dhritarashtra's greed for the throne was never less than that of Duryadhan. She doesn't believe that Duryadhan is solely to be blamed for the situation. She finds it illogical. Gandhari starts questioning every step. She opens her blindfold. Meanwhile there is a wildfire that's slowly engulfing the forest. While Gandhari is torn apart in her own dilemma. She is devastated at the death of her children, her dear ones, relative. She questions religion. She questions all the steps taken - one after the other. Gandhari starts analysing with logic, as to where she stood so long, where the others stood. At the odd end of her life, she stands to find an answer to where she has been heading to and where she is moving to, In her own state, she tries to analyse her surrounding and the present world as well. Throughout the play, the fire of the war keeps burning along with Gandhari.

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Cast & Crew

Playwright: Sudhasatta Ghosh
Design & Direction: Satyabrata Rout
Planning: Avi Chakraborty
Title Character: Sangita Chakraborty
Others: Saswati Das, Jhumur Ghosh, Puja Manda, Smritilata Manda, Arpita Pau, Soumendu Halder, Subhasis Das & Abhisek Guha
Light Design: Sudip Sanyal
Music: Subhadeep Guha
Calligraphy: Ratul Chanda Roy
Music Operation: Avik Chakraborty & Rivu Chakraborty
Set Making: Sanjib Bakshi & Adrish Kumar Roy
Choreography: Saswati Das
Props & Coordination: Asim Das
Make Up: Alok Debnath & Susmita Biswas
Costume: Shayamal Biswas
Creative Design & Photography: Tamal Mukherjeee
Production Control: Arup Goswami & Joy Chakraborty