Lohar Dam

Lohar Dam

A story of early 20th century. A populous suburbs of a town sorrounding a cantonment area came into existence, where majority of the people were refugees. It looked like an island from the outside. The hindu dominated lands were sorrounded by an ocean of muslim pupulations, where there were no troubles or intolerance but only peace, love , harmony and brotherhood.

With the advent of railway tracks, the modern civilisation began to spread at this place and thus infiltration started. The examples of Duttapukur, Basirhat are haunting proofs how even the men with the most artistic, and rational thinking were turning insane , intolerant and fanatic. These events led to the application of IPC 144 in this areas. Internet connections along with all means of communication were ceased.

The discovery of fire & iron at the prehistoric ages are considered as the milestone of the progress of human civilisation. Though at times these were also used as tools for self defence, but who did introduce these mere tools as arms and weapons of mass destruction? Who allowed these threatening weapons for mass usage? At this critical point of time , when our nation is suffering from a crisis , where we ourselves have taken law and order in our own hands labelling anyone as antinational, We from the Ashoknagar Nattyamukh have decided to highlight and emphasise this matter in an another way.

The aptness and the relevancy of the current times have led us to dramatize Brekht's "How Much Is Your Iron" to "Lohar dam" by the order of this hour itself.

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Cast & Crew

Adaptation, Acting and Direction: Avi Chakraborty
Light Design: Rajesh Debnath & Sadhan Parui
Music Design: Arijit Sengupta
Set: Adris Kumar Roy & Sanjib Bakshi
Makeup: Saswati Das and Diptosi Saha
Music Operation: Wribhu Chakraborty
Choreography: Indudipa Sinha & Saswati Das
Costume: Ankita Chakraborty & Shayamal Biswas
Overall Coordination: Asim Das
Campaign: Mita Hawlader and Shilpi Chakraborty
Photography: Asis Ghosh & Palas Mandal
On Stage: Arup Goswami, Joy Chakraborty, Asim Das, Himi Sharma/Tuhina Chakraborty, Wribhu
Chakraborty, Bodhibrata Das/ Abhisek Guha, Saswati Das, Diptosi Saha and Avi Chakraborty