Mr Right

Mr. Right


Though Mohit Chattopadhyay debuted as a poet initially, he had written plays like "Konthonalite Shurjo", "Mrityu Shongbaad", "Gondhoraaj-er Haat-tali" etc, even standing in the glorious era of Utpal-Ajitesh-Shambhu. Ashoknagar Natyamukh has chosen to perform his extraordinary plays because of its longing and sincerity towards drama culture.

In the initial time of the 21st century, he had written this play in which he has uniquely portrayed a crisis of society through the right hand of Rajat. A particular organ, not working properly, resulting in the death of his close friend and her husband in a car accident. Physically assaulting his friend as she accuses him of killing her husband. From this to attack the doctor and the astrologer who had come to cure Rajat's issue. At last, giving in to complete surrender of the hand, getting bluffed by a fraud couple ruins him completely, that too because of the indulgence of his right hand. After all of these, he gets to know from the brother of the dead that he is suffering from Melancholia. He clears all the misunderstandings between him and his friend and starts fresh. And finally gets a little grip on his hand. Thus the play goes on with absolute thrill and suspense down the neck. This play enlightens about a very common and deep-rooted crisis of the society, using alien hand syndrome as a metaphor. That's why the different style of this play has revolved around human life and its crisis.

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Cast & Crew

Drama: Mohit Chattopadhyay
Edit & Direction: Avi Chakraborty
Logo Design: Ratul Chanda Roy
Stage Design: Debasis Dutta
Stage Making: Adrish Kumar Roy
Lighting Design: Subhankar Dey
Music Design: Tamal Mukhopadhyay
Music Operation: Kousik Sajjan
Choreography: Bhaskar Mukherjee
Special Credits: Rupam Islam & Subhadeep Guha
On Stage: Rajat: Sumit Kumar Roy | Tandra: Sangita Chakraborty/ Kasturi Chakraborty | Mili: Diptosi Saha/ Kathakali Bhattacharya | Babi: Joy Chakraborty/ Arup Goswami | Astrologer: Sukanta Paul | Bimal: Asim Das | Ranen: Adrish Kumar Roy | Sidhu: Avi Chakraborty | M.N Bose & Bouncer: Goutam Basu | Reporter, Dancer & Others: Debadrita Bhattacharya, Jhumur Ghosh, Anjan Hore, Smritilata Mandal, Shreya Sarkar, Soumendu Halder, Tanusree Tiwari, Arpita Paul, Payel Ghosh & Dona Sur