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Ashokenagar Nattyamukh from is very initiation has has understood the importance of theatre studies and documentation. We have had in our early days started the Nattyamukh Natyapatra, a bengali magazine on theatre. It was during the lockdown in 2020 that we decided to start our own publication unit which would house books on various aspects of theatre and thespians. Following are the books we have published in the first year.

Addar Chole 1 - Badal Sircar / Shyamal Ghosh and Nabendu Sen

The book is an intensive interview if the legendary thespian Badal Sircar by two other noted thespians Shyamal Ghosh and Nabendu Sen. The book upholds accounts from various periods of his theatre practice and Sircar speaks at length about his philosophy.

Badal Sircar was an influential Indian dramatist and theatre director, most known for his anti-establishment plays during the Naxalite movement in the 1970s and taking theatre out of the proscenium into public arena, when he founded his own theatre company, Shatabdi, in 1976. He wrote more than fifty plays. A pioneering figure in street theatre as well as in experimental and contemporary Bengali theatre with his egalitarian "Third Theatre", he prolifically wrote scripts for his Aanganmanch (courtyard stage) performances, and remains one of the most translated Indian playwrights.

Buker Majhe Biswalok: Rabindra Natyachintan / Edited by Sekhar Samaddar

Buker Majhe Biswalok is a compendium of writings and essays by Rabindranath Tagore on theatre. The book explores both dramatic as well as theatrical traditions in Tagore’s plays.

The collection compiled from his letters, diaries and other independent journals speak of Tagore’s poetic tradition, dramatic action, time and space; his use of myth, satire and cross-cultural styles. Sekhar Samaddar, Professor, Bengali Literature, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, an avid researcher, playwright, director and cognoscente in Rabindra literature; his editing makes the book more interesting and absorbing. He has chronologically arranged the text with short pertinent introductions making it easy for the reader to understand the philosophy of Tagore’s theatre. The book is a must read for theatre practitioners, scholars and others interested in Rabindranath Tagore, Bengali theatre and literature.