Sujoner Golpo

Sujoner Golpo

‘Sujon's Story’ is has been written and structured upon Satyajit Ray's famous and widely read ‘Sujon Harbola’. Sujan, a simple boy with no head for numbers or bookish learning. The story is quite like a fairy tale of how his power of mimicry not only brings back music to a whole empire and but also how it turns and controls the flow of his life.

Director's Note

Though the whole play revolves around a mimicker, it is written in nursery rhyme because we believe the rhyme can relieve us from the hackneyed life. Moreover, the whole stage will be decorated with trees, vegetation, birds, school, houses, Sujan’s home, court, monster’s cave and the like rather than simple background because wall-painting is also an abolished rural art. Folk dance will also be used to present the battle between Sujan and the monster. Background music will be produced with bamboo-flute, dotara, sarengi, sitar, khamok, dhol, naal, mridanga etc.

With the combination of subject-matter and presentation, we hope that the theatrical production of Sujan Harbola is not only a practice of artistic craft, but it will also usher a social welfare.

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Cast & Crew

Story: Satyajit Ray
Dramatization: Avi Chakraborty
Design and Direction: Sangita Chakraborty
Music: Agniswar, Gogol & Ripan
Light: Soubhik Modok
Stage Design & Making: Adris Kumar Roy
Makeup: Susmita Biswas
Choreography: Saswati Das
Costume: Shila Chakraborty and Shilpi Bhattacharya
Costume Making: Shyamal Biswas
Overall Coordination: Joy Chakraborty
On Stage: Smritilata Mondal (Sujan), Shreya Sarkar (Minister and Singer), Puja Biswas (King and Singer), Jhumur Ghosh (Sujan's Mother, Soldier and Singer), Arpita Paul (Sujan's Father, Soldier, Councillor and Singer), Diya Biswas (Teacher, Soldier, Councillor and Singer), Amorshe Chakraborty (Dancer, Bird and Baby Queen), Titas Das ( Dancer and Bird) and Rajarshi Sarkar (Student and Councillor)
Students: Jaiyana Shaik, Uppadhriti Ganguly, Taniya Roy, Tithi Halder, Bhaswati Saha, Rajarshi Sarkar, Sayan Dutta, Ismita Saha & Rismita Saha