• Mr. Right

    This play enlightens about a very common and deep-rooted crisis of the society, using alien hand syndrome as a metaphor.
  • Amal Alo - Centre For Art And Excellence

    Amal Alo is Nattyamukh's Newest Initiative, a studio theatre which aims to create a centre for art and excellence.
  • Kuhokini Birratri

    Nattyamukh's new one act production Kuhokini Birratri highlights how superstitions shrowds our religious believes and how they are exploited.

Ashokenagar Nattyamukh

Ashokenagar Nattyamukh started their journey on 2nd September, 1999. Avi Chakraborty, Sangita Sarkar, Angshuman Sarkar and Samiran Dey started the group. The first and foremost thing was that we tried to create a completely different language in the field of theatre. Whether it was self- identity or form, a new character was created. We wanted a completely different form and subject from the then prevalent nature of the drawing room dramas based on middle class values. Hence we started experimentations. Sometime it included space while sometime characters. We also tried to understood life but in a different perspective.

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Upcoming Events

Blood Donation Camp

  • Start on: 11.00am
  • Amal Alo
Blood Mates, hird voluntary blood donation camp organised by Ashokenagar Nattyamukh

Canvase Rangalaya 16-18 June

  • Start on: 5.00pm
  • Amal Alo
Celebrating 75 years of Group Theatre, a five day documentary festival.

Latest News

Amorshe Chakraborty

Amorshe Chakraborty is Selected for Cultural Talent Search Scholarship

Amorshe Chakraborty is one of the youngest members and artist of Ashokenagar Nattyamukh's children's repertory. At the age of just five she started her theatre practice in this theatre group through the drama named "Sujoner Galpo". The drama based on Satyajit Roy's story and directed by Sangita Chakraborty. Amorshe has been considered for the Cultural Talent Search Scholarship by Ministry of Culture, Government of India in the drama category for the financial year 2022-23. On behalf of Ashokenagar Nattyamukh, we extend our sincere love to her. Wish her a bright theatrical future.

A new studio theatre in the heart of Ashokenagar with an aim to propagate performing arts and excellence

  • A space which can house a maximum of 70 audience
  • An all equipped studio with curtails, wings and cyclorama
  • Professional lights and sound setup

Current Productions

Mr Right

Playwright: Mohit Chattopadhyay
Edit & Direction: Avi Chakraborty

Marer Sagor Pari Debo

Playwright: Rabindranath Tagore
Direction: Sangita Chakraborty

Two Souls

Playwright: Wribhu Chakraborty
Direction: Avi Chakraborty

Kuhokini Birratri

Playwright and Direction: Avi Chakraborty


Playwright: Suddhasatya Ghosh
Direction: Satyabrata Rout

Bhoutik Palonko

Story: Satyajit Ray
Direction: Sangita Chakraborty

Ami Anukul Da Ar Ora

Playwright: Bratya Basu
Direction: Avi Chakraborty

Lohar Dam

Adaptation, Screenplay and Direction: Avi Chakraborty
Theatre / Craft / Painting / Dance

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